Friday, April 11, 2014

Lefton vase collection

I just love Lefton holiday figurines and have collected them for years. About ten years ago I found a beautiful vase with little delicate forget-me-knots applied to the soft pink vase. I turned it over to see if it had a mark and to my surprise it was Lefton. I had know idea Lefton made vases. I bought the vase and took it home and started researching Lefton and found that the company made everything from dishes to wall pockets and just about everything in between. The vases are fairly easy to find but difficult to find in perfect condition due to the delicate flowers attached chip easily. I have been collecting them now for ten years and I am always in search of a different shape or size.

I display them in my bathroom. I chose the wallpaper to go with my collection. 

Here you can see how delicate the flowers are. The vase also has gold accents.

This one has different little flowers.

This one is my favorite for it's shape.

This one has gold butterflies.

A couple years ago I found these and just had to have them. The hand in a ring keeper and the little dish I believe is an ashtray. 

I have one piece that is a taper candle holder. I put it on top of the medicine cabinet. I am still searching for it's mate.

                          Blessings, Missy