Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Special Birthday for a special boy

My youngest turned 11.  After he went to bed I taped streamers to his bedroom door frame and added balloons. I wanted to be ready with the camera and get his surprised face when we all yelled HAPPY BIRTHDAY as the balloons fell all around him. Well the little burger got up 5 minutes before me, he never does that. Anyway he was surprised and giggly with the balloons.

Today is a school day so I wanted him to have a special breakfast. I set his spot at the breakfast table with the special plate and birthday glass.

Kids love to feel special and what better a day than their Birthday to show them just how special they are. Pancakes with strawberry syrup and sprinkles, the perfect way to start.

Had to take the Birthday picture, wonder how many more he will allow.

While the boys were at school I went and printed his Birthday pics and did some decorating.

I used some multi colored tinsel garland, a strand of multi colored lights, painted wood one's "11" some blocks to spell out his name, some party blow thingies, a birthday hat, a birthday boy figurine, and his pics with birthday magnets. Even my grown kids love it when I do this for their special day.

                                          Thank you for stopping by for my boys special day.