Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentines Day china cabinet

I love dishes! In fact I have an addiction and my husband is an enabler. I already had white,flamingo and scarlet Fiestaware and I was satisfied with them for my Valentines cabinet. I had always wanted the chocolate but did not get them before they were discontinued. Well I came home yesterday to a huge box on the porch. I knew I had not ordered anything so I texted my husband at work. He told me it was my Valentines gift and to go ahead and open it. I had no idea what it could be. I usually got Sherries berries, roses and chocolates for Valentines day. I went right to work on the huge box. I could hardly believe my eyes, it was the chocolate Fiestaware that I had wanted. There was more, what could it be? Scarlet Fiestaware heart bowls! My husband really hit a home run this year. I got my chocolate and wont get fat. The heart bowls are so sweet and thoughtful. I am truly a lucky lady.

                        I can't wait to serve my boys Valentines dinner on my new Fiestaware.

                                               Just look at these heart bowls, I love them.

These pics do not do them justice. The cabinet is tucked into an dark alcove in the kitchen and if I use a flash it reflects to much on the dishes. The top plate under the heart bowls is actually flamingo/pink.

                                              I hope you enjoyed my Valentines dishes.

                                                               Blessings, Missy